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11 March 2014 @ 06:57 pm
[sticky post] Masterlist  

Here is the masterlist for my SPN fic. All fic is gen and is rated between PG – R. You'll find a mixture of casefics, bro-mos, outsider POVs and curtain/future fics and a healthy dose of h/c.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: 5-6k. PG13. Pre series. Sam gets into Stanford, and things go so much better than he could have ever expected.

Goodnight, Sweetheart: 1k. PG13. Sam's not feeling too good, but Jess will take care of him, right? Featuring sick!Sam.

Glory Days: 2-3k. PG13. Sam packs up the bunker, and goes on a road trip. Future/curtain fic.

If These Walls Could Speak: 4-5k. PG13. It's nearly Christmas; there's snow on the ground, a frozen lake, and a hunt to do. Told through the eyes of a series of outsider POVs.

Lost and Found: 2-3k. PG13. Future/Season 13 Fic (speculative only, so no spoilers). Sam travels back to the alternate dimension to save Mary, only to bump into an all too familiar face.

What Lies Beneath: 2-3k. PG13. Set late season one. When a hunt opens barely healed wounds, Sam and Dean find themselves sharing secrets, and ultimately, growing closer as brothers. Featuring hurt!Sam and hurt!Dean.

A Good Day (to Die): 1-2k. PG13. Future fic. Sam's having a good day. Sick!Sam.

Heart's Desire: 4k. PG13. Sam and Dean are trying to adjust to life in retirement, something they never thought they'd live to see. Future/curtain fic with plenty of h/c.

A Mother's Love: 3-4k. R. Season 12 (speculative) future fic. She's their Mom, and yet these grown men are strangers to her. It takes a close encounter with the supernatural to change all of that. Mary POV.

The T-Shirt: 1-2k. PG13. AU Stanford era. It's been a long time since Dean's seen Sam, and now they're meeting at 3am on a back road in-the-middle-of-nowhere California. Hurt!Sam.

Out of the Darkness: 2-3k. PG13. The darkness covers every inch of the planet, and it's up to the Winchester's to save the world from Amara and her infected. Future fic for season 11.

Ten of Swords: 2-3k. PG13. After a party, Jess struggles to deal with a haunting tarot reading. A fic told in three tarot cards; one for the past, one for the present, and one for the future. Stanford Era. Jess POV.

Banished: 2-3k. R. Lost in a mysterious world, Sam searches for his brother. But Dean's hiding something, and nothing is quite as it seems.

The Book of Abel: 2k. R. Sam's desperately searching for his demon brother; running on empty, with no plan B. That is, until the dreams of the Book start. But could It really save his brother?

Shine On: <1k. R. No one else can see the shine in Sam; just Dean. It's beautiful, and it's deadly. Evil!Sam and Dark!Dean.

Blood Brothers: 2-3K. PG13. End!verse future fic. In a desolate world, Sam and Dean seem to be on separate journeys. They don't know where they're heading, or what they're searching for, until a hunt changes everything. Hurt!Sam and also Hurt!Dean.

Sanctuary: 3-4k. PG13. After a hunt that changed their lives, Sam and Dean seem to be living a quiet life. They have normal jobs, they live in a normal town and have a house with a picket fence. But nothing is quite as it seems. Outsider POV Curtain Fic with hurt!Sam.

I’ve Got Your Back: 3-4K. PG13. A hunt for a Phantom Gasser makes it clear there are no limits to how far Sam and Dean are willing to go to save each other. Hurt Boys!

The Fixer: 2K. PG13. Set in season two. A hunt hits close to home and forces the brothers to have a conversation neither thought they ever would. Hurt!Sam and Big Brother Dean!

Patient Name: Cute Guy: 1-2K. PG13. When a cute-but-sick guy enters the health clinic, Jess can't help but get invested. Featuring sick!Sam. Jess POV.

Secrets and Lies: 12K. PG13. Set late in Season One. An old hunt rears its ugly head and drags both brothers on a dangerous journey down memory lane. Case fic with flashbacks. Featuring hurt!Sam and minor hurt!Dean.

Detached: 9-10K. PG13. Season One. There's no such thing as a simple hunt. Unfortunately for Dean, he learns that the hard way. Plenty of hurt boys!

Safe Haven: 5-6K. PG13. She knows that something is off with these two and it's not just because Dean got sick and Sam got hurt. An outsider POV sequel to MIA featuring Alice.

Square One: 3-4K. PG13. After rebuilding a life from the tatters that were left behind, Sam and Dean's world is all about carefully scheduled routines. But then Sam has an accident and their lives are permanently changed forever. Curtain/Future fic featuring permanently injured!Sam.

Blind Faith: 4-5K. PG13. After a fall Sam and Dean are faced with a dilemma - how do they get the hell out of Dodge when one can't see and the other can't drive? Hurt!Boys.

Hell and High Water: 4-5K. PG13. Set in season one. Dean couldn't think of a worse place to be stuck. In the middle of nowhere, on a flooded side road, with a bleeding brother and no plan B. Hurt!Sam.

Hot Blooded : 9-10K. R. Set after 1.05, Bloody Mary. Sam was blaming it on lack of sleep, the stresses of doing the job finally taking its toll. Because Jess couldn't really be sitting next to him, right? Hurt/Sick!Sam.

MIA: 5-6K. PG13. She's always had a soft spot for strays but there's something different about this one, and more than anything she wants him to find whoever he's lost. Hurt Boys! Outsider POV. *Sequel is now available here*

Blonde Curls and Cookies: 2-3K. PG13. Set early season one. Dean thought he knew most of them by now. The little things he shouldn't say, subjects he shouldn't bring up and places they shouldn't go. He was wrong.

Golden Ticket: 3K. PG13. Set in 1.01 but contains spoilers for 5.20. She doesn't know whether to scream or laugh hysterically. Because there's a man in her apartment threatening her. Talking like he's insane. But he's not a stranger. He's someone she thought was a friend. Jess POV (Link to ffnet)

The Bottom Line: 2k. PG13. Money being tight, a tough decision needs to be made. John POV featuring Weechesters! (Link to ffnet)

Bridging Distances: 46K. PG13. Set season 2, after Bloodlust but before CSPWDT. An emotional rift is now also physical as the brothers become separated during a seemingly simple hunt, but nothing is what it seems and things go from bad to worse. Plenty of hurt boys, angst and suspense. Hurt!Boys (Link to ffnet)

Here is the masterlist for my SPN Drabbles. All the drabbles are 100 words and are rated between PG - R. Episode reaction drabbles are labelled accordingly.

The Archangel Blade: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.23 Drabble. Lucifer's death retold.

The Apology: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.22 Drabble. Sam's sorry for a lot of things.

He Ain't Heavy...: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.21 Drabble. Dean finds his brother in the cave.

Revenge: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.20 Drabble. Thoughts about revenge are never far from Sam's mind.

Death Becomes Her: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.19 Drabble. Don't worry about Rowena, she always has a plan.

Not Alone: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.18 Drabble. She'd forgotten what hope feels like Charlie POV.

Separation Anxiety: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.17 Drabble. Separating is never a good idea.

The Dean Dave, Reloaded: 200 word drabble. PG13. 13.16 Double Drabble Special. There's something missing, and Sam fixes it.

On His Knees: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.15 Drabble. Sam's faith is missing; he's lost.

The Pretty One: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.14 Drabble/sort of a rewrite. Mog and Magog discuss the pretty brothers in front of them.

Free: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.13 Drabble. All Gabriel wants is to be free again.

Behind Closed Doors: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.12 Drabble. Some things Sam can only do behind closed doors.

Not Alone: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.11 Drabble. Donna gets a phone call from Sam.

Blood: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.10 Drabble. Donna's always felt invisible.

Bad Place/Good Place: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.09 Drabble. A double drabble special; one from both Sam and Dean's POV at the closing scene.

Taking Turns: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.08 Drabble. It's Dean's turn.

The Bigger Picture: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.07 Drabble. Sam needs his faith and his compassion.

Monster: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.06 Drabble. Jack's a monster.

Bleeding Out: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.05 Drabble. Sam's struggling to hold it all together.

Keep the Faith: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.04 Drabble. Sam's got to keep the faith.

Empty: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.03 Drabble. An exploration of the closing scene.

Hope: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.02 Drabble. Dean's thoughts on the closing scene.

A Son's Prayer: 100 word drabble. PG13. 13.01 Drabble. Jack's not sure about his Father's death.

Back to the Beginning: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.23 Drabble. Dean has no idea where to go from here.

Blaze of Glory: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.22 Drabble. Dean's thoughts on dying in the bunker.

Goodbye: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.21 Drabble. Sam's mourning Eileen.

Last Man Standing: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.20 Drabble. Sam's not sure how he's feeling.

Faith: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.19 Drabble. Kelly's thoughts on Cas and her child.

Territory: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.18 Drabble. Sam and the bunker.

Sweet Dreams: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.17 Drabble. Sam thinks about someone special and it's Eileen!!!.

Shades of Grey: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.16 Drabble. All Mick sees are shades of grey.

Closer: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.15 Drabble. Dean and his thoughts on Sam's secret (with bonus Dean using Sam's 'Fancy Shampoo' Drabble)

Imperfect: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.14 Drabble. Dean and his Mom.

Maybe: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.13 Drabble. Sam's trying to understand...

Teachable Moments: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.12 Drabble. Mary has a plan.

Forgetting Sam: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.11 Drabble. Dean would pass on happy every time.

Cosmic Consequences: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.10 Drabble. Cas's thoughts on 'cosmic consequences'.

Inside: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.09 Drabble. Inside Sam's head all kinds of things are stirring.

Abomination: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.08 Drabble. Kelly and her baby.

The Slow Lose: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.07 Drabble. Sam's thoughts on the closing scene.

Droplets: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.06 Drabble. Seeing that guy dead on the ceiling...well it only drags up old nightmares for Sam.

Smooth Driving: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.05 Drabble. Something's wrong. Impala POV.

Second Chance: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.04 Drabble. Sam and his powers.

Mary's Choice: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.03 Drabble. Mary's thoughts on the closing scene.

Mom Stuff: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.02 Drabble. Mary watches her sons and their reunion (a missing scene).

And Then She Burned: 100 word drabble. PG13. 12.01 Drabble. Mary remembers it all.

A Brother's Goodbye: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.23 Drabble. Sam's thoughts as Dean hands him the keys.

Light and Dark: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.22 Drabble. Sam, Dean and Chuck's light and Amara's darkness.

Prayers: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.21 Drabble. All Sam wants is to know that his prayers were heard.

A Brother's Chant: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.20 Drabble. Sam's thoughts as the infection spreads.

Finish Line: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.19 Drabble. Sam, Dean and the finish line.

Playtime: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.18 Drabble. Amara's frustrated at her absent brother; when is it her turn to play?

Blood Stains: 300 word drabble. PG13. 11.17 Drabble. Sam's in hospital, but Dean's the one who needs to recover. A re-working of the closing scene (all dialogue taken from the episode).

Bobby's Boys: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.16 Drabble. Bobby thinks about his boys. Bobby POV.

Priceless: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.15 Drabble. A flashback. John POV.

Witness: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.14 Drabble. Dean's thoughts at the end of the episode.

Always: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.13 Drabble. Sam's thoughts at the end of the episode.

The Family Meal: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.12 Drabble. A missing scene from around the dinner table.

Into the Sunset: 200 word drabble. PG13. 11.11 Drabble. Sam, Dean, Baby, a few beers, and a sunset.

Dealing with the Devil: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.10 Drabble. Rowena's last thoughts.

The Misfit: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.09 Drabble. Lucifer, Sam, and a vision that doesn't belong.

The Other Way: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.08 Drabble. Sam's not going back into the Cage. There's another way.

Fear: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.07 Drabble. Dean and Fear.

Caged: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.06 Drabble. Sam and the cage.

The Darkness Within: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.05 Drabble. Something in Len is hatching.

Sweet Dreams: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.04 Drabble. Sam dreams about his mom.

Power to the People: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.03 Drabble. An Angel and a Demon walk into a bar...

Brave New World: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.02 Drabble. Billie has plans.

Hush, Little Baby: 100 word drabble. PG13. 11.01 Drabble. You feel it deep within.

Baby: 100 word drabble. PG. What does your vision of a human!Impala look like? asked galwithglasses Well, something like this...

The Last Word: 100 word drabble. PG. Sam's last word. Deathfic.

Dean's Abel: 100 word drabble. PG13. Dean's forgetting one thing; the power of brotherhood (10.14 The Executioner's Song).

The Bench: 100 word drabble. PG. The brothers come every day. Like clockwork. Sort of a deathfic.

Here is the masterlist for my AUJ2 fic. All the fics are rated between PG-13 - R, and it's all AU. You'll find a mixture of superpowers, sci-fi, and military elements, and a dose of h/c and hurt!J2.

Linger: 1-2k words. PG13. AU J2. They meet in the gardens of the hospice every morning.

Same Old Stars: 900 words. PG13. J2 AU Winter Olympics. Jared will always be a winner in Jensen's eyes.

Exposed: 2-3k. PG13. J2 AU. Photographer!Jensen captures something on camera that will forever change his life. But can he get Jared to admit his most deepest and darkest secrets?

Heartstrings: 7-8k. PG13. J2 AU. Washed-up rock star Jared is rushed to hospital, and it's up to uptight nurse Jensen to fix more than broken bones. But what is it that they say? Opposites attract, or something like that...Hurt!Jared.

Mindgate: Brothers in Arms: 8-9k. R. J2 AU Superpowers/Sci fi/Military. Jared's a secret agent with superpowers—at least he was, until he was kidnapped by The Movement and his memory wiped. Now it's Jensen's job to help Jared remember his powers so that they can both escape the General and his evil plans. Hurt!J2.

Technicolour Revolution: 3-4k. PG-13. J2 AU Superpowers/Sci fi. In a black and white world where colour is outlawed, Jensen is a bounty hunter who apprehends the mysterious 'Painters' and turns them over to the Company. Then one day Jared shares a secret with Jensen that will change their lives forever. Hurt!Jared

The Awakening: 1-2K. PG-13. J2 AU Superpowers. Jared is a recruiter from The Agency. Jensen is his mark. When they meet, it's going to change the world. Minor hurt!Jared